Has Your Home Lost Its Curb Appeal?

Regain it with pressure washing services in Park Ridge and River Vale, NJ

Cleaning your home's exterior isn't a one-size-fits-all job. Your concrete surfaces might need a high-pressure cleaning to remove built-up dirt and grime, while surfaces like wood and roof shingles call for a gentler method.

All Bright Eco Wash offers both pressure washing and soft washing services. We use an environmentally friendly cleaning solution and either a high- or low-pressure spray to thoroughly clean all parts of your home without compromising its curb appeal.

Rely on our specialists to know which surfaces need soft washing and which ones need pressure washing services in Park Ridge and River Vale, NJ.

Choose a company that can do it all

Whether you need pressure washing or soft washing services, we can clean materials like:

  • Concrete-driveways, pavers or retaining walls
  • Wood-decks, fences, columns
  • Vinyl-siding, trim, gable vents
Our soft washing method is a smart choice for cleaning roof shingles and removing rust from metal surfaces gently and effectively.

To see how pressure washing services can dramatically enhance your home's appearance, call 201-284-9497 today.

Exterior Cleaning

Using our soft wash system we use solutions and low pressure to clean and remove algae, dirt and grime. This allows us to improve your curb appeal without damaging your property like traditional power washing can do.

Roof Cleaning

Your roof not only shelters your home, but is a feeding ground for cyanobacteria that feeds off of the limestone in your shingles. (This is when you will begin to see black streaks on your roof.) These streaks are referred to as Black Algae, which gives off waste. This waste then becomes a home to moss and lichen. The combination of these algaes creates a root system as they are feeding off of your roof and begins to pop off roof granules, that result in a premature deterioration of your roof. In order to prevent this from happening, we recommend soft washing your roof. Don't be fooled by other companies that recommend using pressure to clean your roof, as that can be just as damaging as the algae. All Bright Eco Wash uses environmentally friendly surfactants, algaecides and residual inhibitors into our soft washing solution. The solutions are carefully mixed using our proportioner system to insure a long lasting finish.

Siding Cleaning

Similar to the issues that you have on your roof, your siding will begin to have the same algae build-up as your roof. The north side of your property is the first to be overtaken by algae. It then spreads to the rest of your house once it plants its roots. We use the same low pressure washing process on siding as we do on roofs. Like roofs, your siding can be damaged due to high-pressure washing.

Driveway, Walkway and Concrete Cleaning

For cleaning hard surfaces we use our surface cleaning machines. They allow us to apply even pressure to insure that there are no streaks left behind. Once clean, we also offer concrete and paver sealing. Check it out on our painting, sealing and staining page.

Fence Cleaning

All Bright Eco Wash doesn't stop cleaning until your property looks new again. We clean all types of fences whether they are aluminum, PVC or wood. We can finish the job on wooden fences by offering fence staining or painting. Check it out on our painting, sealing and staining page.

Deck Cleaning

All Bright Eco Wash will make your outside living space an extension of your inside by cleaning and refinishing your deck to a like new condition. Regardless of the material, we will have a method to clean it.

Pool Area Cleaning

Your outside living space will sparkle with our state of the art surface cleaning. You will enjoy your outside space and keep your pool clean.

Paver Cleaning

Cleaning pavers is more involved. Once All Bright Eco Wash surface cleans, we recommend polymeric sand installation. This sand acts more as a mortar than traditional paver sand. It prevents moss growth and pavers shifting and should be installed after cleaning. After polymeric sand is installed, we urge our customers to finish the job by sealing the pavers. This not only prevents moisture from getting into the polymeric sand, but also keeps the pavers sealed to prevent staining as well as helps the porous pavers not to absorb water and ice over in the winter months.